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Sympli's key features explained
Updates: Resolve comments and design previews
Updates: Resolve comments and design previews

A couple of updates in the Web App

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Resolve comments

Communication is important in any project. Sympli Handoff has enabled a practical and easy way to centralize the design review process for a project. Now, we have pimped this feature a little, to make this process even easier and more sophisticated. 

When reviewing a comment, you can now resolve it if the discussion is over, so everyone on your team is on the same page. Just click on the checkmark icon at the top of the comment view.

After this, the comment bubble will change its color to white, so you know this is a resolved comment.

You can reopen a comment by clicking on the checkmark icon again.

It is possible to filter the comments in a design by going to the comments menu at the left and click on the button for the comments you want to see. This way, you can select only open or resolved comments and the other comments will be hidden from the design. You can also choose to see all the comments.

In the design inspector, you can see all comments. The color of each comment bubble will indicate the status of each comment.

Design previews

Sympli allows you to download a design preview of a mockup in PNG format. Now, you can do it directly in the design inspector, without the distraction of going to the project's main page. Just go to the screen you want to download and click anywhere outside the design. In the menu at the right, a button to "Download Preview" will appear along with other design details. Click on it and the PNG will be saved to your computer.

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