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How to Add Files to a Sympli Versions Project
How to Add Files to a Sympli Versions Project

Add files to a Sympli Versions project and make the first commit

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Once you have created your project, you’ll find it under the ”DOWNLOADED” and "ALL" tabs in the projects' screen in the desktop app.

You can open your project in the Finder by clicking on “Reveal in Finder” from the kebab menu or go to ~/Versions/[Your Project's Name].

In the Finder window you’ll see a button at the top with the Sympli Versions icon, click on it to see the following menu:

From here, you can add a new Sketch file to the project:

FYI: To add an existing file to the Sympli Versions project, just copy or move the Sketch file to the project's folder.

Open your Sketch file, rename it and make the necessary changes. You’ll see that in Sketch there’s an option to add the changed file to the project. 

Which is the same as clicking on the "Sync" button that will show in the project's card in the app:

Clicking on either button will take you to the commit screen

If you have several files on the project that have available changes you can choose which ones to push or to “Select All”. You can also type the commit message on this screen. Click on “Upload Files” to continue.

Now the file has been pushed to the Main branch in the remote project. In both the desktop and web applications you’ll see the committed file.

You can take a look at the file History by clicking this tab on the web or desktop app.

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