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How to Track Changes in Sympli Versions
How to Track Changes in Sympli Versions

See what changed in your designs and stay up-to-date with your project

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Pushing changes

Sympli Versions keeps track of all the changes made in your designs. Once you have made some changes to your design, you can push them directly from Sketch or using the desktop app.

Click on the "Sync" blue button and you’ll see the changes per file in the commit screen and you can choose what files to commit:

Click on “Upload Files”. After the changes have been pushed, you’ll be taken to the History tab:

In this screen you can see options to see this specific file’s History, to restore to this point of changes in the file and to view it in the web app. If you click on “View Difference” you can see the diff tool showing all the changes made to the design:

You’ll find several controls to inspect the different artboards, layers and each change that was made.

Pulling changes

Very often, there are several people working on the same branch and/or file. It’s always convenient to have and work on the most recent version of the files. When a collaborator in your project has made some changes you’ll see the collaborator who made the last changes, the date and the blue "Sync" button indicating that you have some changes available to download:

Click on it or on the “Get Changes” button to get all the latest changes to your local project. You’ll be taken to this screen in which you can choose the files to download:

Click on “Download Files”.

Restore to a previous version

If you pushed some changes accidentally you can always go back to any point in the history of your project! Just go to the “History” tab, click on the commit you want to revert to, choose the files to revert, and click on “Restore to this version”.

This will revert your file locally, so just push the changes again to remotely go back to this version of your file.

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