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How To Share a Project in Sympli Versions
How To Share a Project in Sympli Versions

Invite people to collaborate in your projects

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As all version control tools, Sympli Versions allows you to add collaborators to your projects. Click on the “Members” tab on the desktop app.

Then click on “Manage in Web App”, you’ll be redirected to the Sympli Versions web to add collaborators:

Click on the “Share Project” blue button. 

In the pop up that will appear, type in the email addresses of the people you want to add to the project (all of them must have a Sympli Versions account), you can choose the access level for each. Click on “Send Invite”

Your collaborators will receive the invitation to the project to their email addresses, after they accept it, they’ll be able to [download the project locally] and to contribute according to their assigned permission levels.

The project Owner and the Admins can manage the collaborators, edit their role or revoke their access in the Access tab of the project in the web app.

Permission levels

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