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Using Sympli Handoff with Adobe XD
Using Sympli Handoff with Adobe XD

Sympli Handoff now directly integrates with XD through new plugin supporting both Mac and Windows

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Over the last couple of years, Sympli Handoff added Mac and Windows apps to integrate with Adobe XD. We are excited to announce that we now integrate directly with XD through our new plugin. You can access it right in XD’s new Plugins panel so that you can use it right alongside the XD canvas. Here's a quick rundown on how to use the new cross-platform Sympli Handoff plugin for Adobe XD.

Learn more by watching a tutorial below, or scroll down for a text walkthrough.

Downloading & Installing the Plugin

The link to the latest version of the plugin is available from Sympli Handoff for Adobe XD download page. Once you’ve installed the plugin, click on the “Plugins” icon at the bottom left of the Adobe XD window, find “Sympli Handoff” in the list and click on it. You'll need to make sure you've logged into the Sympli Handoff for Adobe XD plugin with your Sympli credentials.

Exporting assets for web, iOS, and Android apps

To make assets exportable, click the “Export” icon next to each asset you’d like to export to Sympli Handoff. After you upload artboards with exportable elements, Sympli Handoff will automatically generate assets in all required formats and resolutions to use in iOS, Android, or web applications based on the project type.

Syncing Artboards to Sympli Handoff

Now, you can start syncing your artboards with Sympli Handoff. The process is very similar to the experience with our other plugins for Sketch and Photoshop. First, select the artboards that you want to sync with Sympli Handoff. Then, launch the Adobe XD plugin by clicking on the “Plugins” icon at the bottom left. Select the artboards that you want to upload and then click the “Continue” button.

If your project already exists in Sympli Handoff, select it from the projects' list to sync your artboard(s) to that project.

If you're creating a new project, click on “Create” and then enter the Project Name, Platform, Resolution, and select whether this is a Personal or a Company project. If you're using artboard templates bundled with XD, your best bet is to select @1x or mdpi as the resolution. If you're using a different size for your artboards, check out our article on how to choose the correct resolution.

Click on "Create" when you're done, and Sympli Hanodff will sync your artboards to your project and you can start collaborating with your team. If you've used our Sketch or Photoshop plugins, the process will feel very familiar.

Other Great Stuff

Of course, the Sympli Handoff for Adobe XD CC plugin supports all the features that you know and love on Sympli, including:

We're excited to announce the new cross-platform Adobe XD plugin and to bring all Sympli Handoff's functionality to every team. Have questions? Want to share feedback? Let us know what you think at

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