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How to Set Up SAML in Sympli Versions
How to Set Up SAML in Sympli Versions

Configure SAML in Sympli Versions

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To set up SAML in Sympli Versions for your organization follow the steps below:

SAML can only be configured by the Sympli Versions workspace subscription owner. This is the person who pays for the subscription and who owns all projects. Learn how to set up your Versions team.

  1. Go to your Versions profile, choose a workspace that you own and want to configure SAML for, and click on the Contact Support and we will help you, providing all the details and tokens.

To log in via SSO:

  1. Go to the login screen in the Sympli Versions desktop app

  2. Click on the "SSO" link

  3. Enter your Corporate URL

  4. Click on the "Continue Single Sign On" button

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