Collaborating with your team on building a digital product doesn’t need to be a hassle. Sympli turns making the visual specs and assets for handoff into one-click action, and here is how to use it with Figma.

Setting Up

Figma links plugins to your account. When you install a plugin, you will be able to access it across any browser and device. You can even install plugins from the Plugin page on mobile!

To install the Sympli plugin, click here to go directly to the plugin page, or within Figma, go to Plugins > Browse All Plugins, search for Sympli Handoff, and click the Install button.

Exporting assets

In order to make assets exportable, you need to mark them for export in Figma. Click on an icon or image on canvas or select a layer, and then click on the plus sign next to Export. You don't have to configure the scales and formats here, after you upload artboards with exportable elements, based on the project type Sympli will automatically generate assets in all required formats and resolutions to use in iOS, Android or web applications.

Syncing artboards to Sympli

When you’re ready to export your mockup, go to Menu > Plugins > Sympli. If it’s the first time you’re using it, you’ll be prompted to sign in. Log using your Sympli credentials or create an account if you don’t have one yet.

To start, you need to select which artboards you want to export to Sympli. Click on the checkboxes or select them directly on your canvas by clicking on the artboard name. Then, click on Continue.

Quick tip: hold Shift if you want to select multiple artboards from the canvas, and move the plugin modal if it’s on your way.

Now it’s time to select your project. If your project already exists in Sympli, select it from the list of projects to sync your artboard(s) to that project.

If you’re creating a new project, click on Create New Project and give it a name. Sympli supports Android, iOS, and web projects, as well as different resolutions depending on your specific needs. If you're using artboard templates, your best bet is to select @1x or mdpi as the resolution. If you're using a different size for your artboards, check out our article on how to choose the correct resolution. Finally, select whether this is a Personal or a Company project, and click on Create. Sympli will sync your artboards to your project and you can start collaborating with your team. If you've used our Sketch, XD or Photoshop plugins, the process will feel very familiar.

Not clear enough yet? Rather have visual aid? Watch our video tutorial!

Other Great Stuff

Of course, the Sympli plugin for Figma supports all the features that you know and love on Sympli, including:

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