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Introducing renaming
Introducing renaming

We are glad to introduce support of renamed files in the Sympli Versions desktop app.

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How to rename a file using Sympli Versions

We did our best to allow you to rename files :)

It's easy to rename files and manage them:

  1. Launch Sympli Versions application

  2. Open a project folder 

  3. Choose the file whose name you don't like and rename it using the Mac OS system option. 

You can push them directly from Sketch or using the Sympli Versions desktop app. Click on the "Sync" button and you’ll see this file in the commit screen.

The other collaborators of your project will get the file with a new name after refreshing the project. 

Rename a file in a branch

It’s great if you use branches when working with Sympli Versions. Renaming is supported in branches too.

You can rename a file and continue working on it in a new branch. Once your work on the branch is done, you can merge it into the Main branch.  When the merge completes, the new file name will appear in the Main branch and all teammates can get this one to their local machines. 

It can happen that you and your teammate rename the same file, but you’ve renamed the file in the branch and your colleague has done it in Main or merged the other branch into Main before you. So when you start merging, you will get a renaming conflict. 

Especially for this case, we offer 3 options: 

  • choose the file name from your branch

  • keep Main's file name

  • give it a new name 

Any choice will update the file name in the Main after completing the merge. 


What else you should know about renaming? 

Sympli Versions shows renaming conflicts if you work in different branches. 

However, if you work in one branch, it’s possible that you lose a new local file name, for instance, if your teammate renamed the same file in your branch at the same time. Sympli Versions app applies the remote file name for all renaming conflicts.

All other conflicts and changes work as expected. 

Don’t forget to be careful when working in the same branch as your teammates.

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