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Sympli Versions Preferences
Sympli Versions Preferences

Preferences in Sympli Versions exist so you can tailor the workflow to your liking.

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To access the preferences, choose Sympli Versions › Preferences from the menu or (press Command+Comma). 

There are several options for flexible team workflows: 

“Automatically update remotely modified files” means that you will always have an up-to-date project. When your team members push some changes to a project, you shouldn't get those changes manually, Sympli Versions will do for you. 

“Automatically remove files deleted from repository” is a sub-option and means that you shouldn't remove outdated files from your local folder. If one of your colleagues removes a file from your project, you shouldn't do the same in your local folder. 

 "Automatically generate diffs for modified files in the background"  helps you get diff more quickly. Sympli Versions generates a diff for your files in the background while you work on other things. 

"Collect and send usage statistics and automatically upload error reports" is to help us improve Versions for you. Also, we are always glad to get feedback from you by email or the other channel. 

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