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Sympli's key features explained
Using Microsoft Teams with Sympli Handoff
Using Microsoft Teams with Sympli Handoff

Handoff your designs to developers and notify them in Teams

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Note: Currently, our MS Teams bot is compatible only with business or school accounts.

Installing the Sympli bot for Teams

Within Teams, go to the Apps menu in the bottom left corner, search for Sympli, and click on the Add button — or add it directly from Microsoft’s AppSource page. After installed, you’ll be taken to the bot’s chat, where you can type Help to see what the bot can do, log in to your Sympli account, and subscribe to project updates.

Subscribing to project updates

You can subscribe for updates by sending "Subscribe to {url}" to the bot, replacing "url}" with your project's link. When subscribed, the Sympli bot will periodically search for updates and will notify you whenever there's new activity, keeping you always informed of what's going on.

If your involvement with the project is over or you're getting overwhelmed by notifications, just send "Unsubscribe from {url}" — don't forget to replace "{url}" with your project's link — and notifications from that project will stop.

The project built-in search allows you to search for a specific project directly within the MS Teams writing field, so you don't even have to switch to your browser and copy the URL. Click on the Sympli icon, find your project name, and you'll be able to send a quick project overview directly to the chat.

Last but not least, the Sympli app for Teams now creates a preview of the URL you share. Previews are horizontal by default, but can adapt to vertical view with one click, which works like a charm for previewing mobile designs. This way, your team can get an at-a-glance reminder of what mockup is that you're talking about and how it looks like without having to open it.

Please note that previews can only be seen by logged in users who have access to that project, so your data is kept as safe as it has always been.

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