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I'm part of a paid team but can't access my projects
I'm part of a paid team but can't access my projects

Are you getting an upgrade prompt when accessing your projects in Sympli Versions?

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With our new paid structure, projects must be owned by the account admin —the subscription holder and all team members must have a seat assigned in that plan.

To assign seats, the subscription holder should:

  1. Click the blue "Add new user" button

  2. Input your team member's email, and hit "Enter" to select the email. This is a multi-select field, so you can input several emails and add them to your team in one click.

  3. Select which role you want to assign to the user(s).

  4. Click the red "Use seat" button to assign the seats to your team member(s)

  5. Repeat as needed

After all seats are assigned, you must transfer your projects to your account admin.

To transfer project ownership, please:

  • Go to the Settings tab of the project

  • Type in the email address in the Transfer project ownership section

  • Click on the Transfer button

  • The new project owner needs to accept the transfer before it takes place

Transferring the project ownership won't interfere with your access to the project.

Now that all users are assigned as part of the paid team and projects are owned by the subscription admin, you will be able to resume working on your projects in the same way they've been doing so far.

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