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How to add and remove collaborators, and manage seats in a Company
How to add and remove collaborators, and manage seats in a Company

How does the user management in a Company works in Sympli Handoff?

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Sympli Handoff has an advanced user management feature for big teams, making it easier to match your company flows and structure. Learn more by watching the quick tutorial, or scroll down for a text walkthrough.

User management

When you want to add and remove people, manage their access and roles, you need to go to the Company Management Page. Just click on the name of your company under the "Member of the company" line in the Profile Tab. You need to be an Owner or an Admin of the Company to access this page, if you're not, you will be sent back to your Profile page.

On the Company Management Page, you will see the full list of your collaborators. You can add people by entering their emails in the field above the list of users and clicking on Add User.

You can choose to add a person as a regular user, or as an Admin. Admin users have more rights: they can create projects, manage other users' access, and see all company projects even those where they don't have any role. Admin will have the "Power User" project role by default but they cannot be included in the project's users' list.

When you click the Add User button an invitation will be sent to the user's email. The user needs to click the link in the invitation to sign in or sign up to Sympli Handoff. Keep in mind, that invitation is valid for one month, after that, a person won't be able to join with this link and you'll need to send another invitation.

Next, let's see how the list of users works. You can see the user's profile pic, Company Role, Number of projects they are in, and which Team they belong to. If you click on a user, the cell will open and there you will see all the Teams and all the Projects with all the user's roles in them.

You can change the user's role by clicking on the dropdown arrow, the list of roles will open and you can just click on any role you want to switch the user to.

If you want to remove the user from the Project or Team - hover your mouse over their role and the Remove icon will appear. Click it and the user will lose access to that Project or the Team. If you have Enterprise set up, you will also see the Demote to Viewer and Demote to Commenter option - this will change the user's role to Guest on the Company level that doesn't take up a paid seat (is free). On the project/team level this user will become a Viewer or Commenter. All the users that have a blue dot to the left of their profile pic take up a paid seat. The ones that have grey dot are the ones that don't.

To remove the collaborator from the Company scroll the list of user's projects and teams down and you'll see the Remove Collaborator button. When you click it, the user will lose access to all the Teams and projects they were in. If they had a personal project created out of the Company, they will keep it and their subscription will switch to Individual. You can't delete yourself from the list of users and you can't delete the Owner. Only Owners and Admins can manage the roles and access of other users.

Subscription update

Your seat amount is managed in your Owner's subscription settings. If you send an invite and your company doesn't have a free seat, the invitee will see the message that the Company is out of seats and that they need to contact the Owner. The Owner then can go to his Sympli Handoff Subscription page and add more seats. After that, the user will be able to join the company, they will need to click on the link in the email again and they will be added to the company.

If the Owner wants to downgrade the subscription and get rid of the empty seats, they can do it by going to the Billing Tab of the Sympli Handoff Subscription page and edit the seat amount there. If all your seats are taken, you'll need to free some of them first on the Company Management Page, before you will be able to remove the seats. Keep in mind, that in Sympli Handoff the minimum amount of paid seats is 5, so you can't remove seats anymore if you have 5 of them.

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