Editor's note: Sympli Pulse is currently in beta. Please refer all questions and feedback through the chat at the bottom right corner or to support@sympli.io

Sympli Pulse is a version tracking application for Figma that lets you and your team clearly understand what's going on β€” even with hundreds of frames and design files β€” and answer the most painful questions about who changed what and why. You can examine the contents of a file in a layer-by-layer way or inspect your team's activities across all your files to monitor your projects' health from a bird's view.

Figma links plugins to your account. When you install a plugin, you will be able to access it across any browser and device. You can even install plugins from the Plugin page on mobile!

To install the Sympli Pulse plugin, click here to go directly to the plugin page, or within Figma, go to Community, select plugins, and search for Sympli Pulse, then click the Install button.

Once installed, open a design you want to track in Figma and run the Sympli Pulse plugin (Plugins > Sympli Pulse.)

Click the "Sign In with Figma" button and authorize Pulse to access your information on Figma (Pulse needs this to talk to the Figma API.)

Lastly, get back to Figma and copy-paste the Figma file link into the corresponding field in the plugin window. To get the link, click on the Share button and click on Copy link.

The installation is complete!

The app can track Figma's version history, comments, and changes to specific artboards or components; it allows you to visually compare different history states.

If you have any questions – read this help article or ping us through the chat in the app or at support@sympli.io.

And, since you're the early explorers, we're happy to hear all your thoughts and wishes! Congrats!

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