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How to use discussions in Sympli Versions
How to use discussions in Sympli Versions

Comments and mentions in branches

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To start a discussion in Sympli Versions open any branch in the Sympli Versions app and head to the Activity tab in your branch. The activity tab will now be your default tab, which will open first when you open the branch.

Leave a comment or a mention, using the @username, click "Send" and get your communication going. The person that you've mentioned will get an email notification and will be automatically subscribed to receive notifications from all the discussions you have access to.

You can delete or copy a comment if you like, and you can unsubscribe from notifications from the branches. Note that for now, you can't subscribe back (this is coming in the future updates).

The discussion section is not a real-time chat, this is to make them closer to commits in depth and value. In future updates, messages will become editable unlike commits, which will be read-only.

Keep in mind the limitations of the current version of discussions:

  • Messages are deleted permanently, there is no undo.

  • If you delete the branch, you'll not be able to see the messages from that branch.

  • The maximum length of the message is 5000 characters.

  • Once you unsubscribe from the notifications you will not be able to subscribe back/

Thank you for reading!

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