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How to use embeds in Sympli Handoff

Link you Sympli Handoff designs to your documentation with a preview.

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Creating Embed via Share

Choose the artboards you want to share a link preview for. Click on the Share Project button, click on the Embed tab, then click Create. Name the Embed and customize its view. Click Save.

If you want to preview - click on the Preview button. This will open a separate tab with the preview, URL, and Embed Code that you can copy and use where you need it.

Creating Embed via Quick Action

Choose the artboards you want to share a link preview for. Click on the Manage Embeds quick action at the bottom of the page and name the Embed, then press Enter. Here you can link or unlink a design to an existing embed or quickly create a new one.

If you want to preview or edit the created embed - click on the Share Project button and go to the Embed tab. Find the embed you have just created. You can customize and preview it from this dialog.

Embed tab

Embed Tab in the Project Share dialog holds all the Embeds that were created within this project. Embeds can be managed from this tab by the Designer, Developer, Power User, Owner of the Project, or Company Admin. To edit or delete the embed, click on the kebab menu icon to the left of the Preview button and choose an action you need.

Customizing the Embed

Each Embed that you create has 3 parameters - size, layout, and theme.

Size can be small (12px), normal (16px), and large (20px).

Layout options are cards and rows.

Theme can be light or dark.

You can change the view of the created and already customized embed by updating the URL of that embed.

For example, if you have the URL that looks like this and the preview is too big and bright for you

you can add ? followed by the custom properties like size=10 and theme=dark to change it, like in the example below:


Using the Embeds

Embeds can be added to your documentation anywhere if the tool you use supports markdown or HTML. Simply add the Embed Code you copied from Sympli Handoff to your page or paste it in the corresponding field.

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