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How to use invite links in Sympli Handoff
How to use invite links in Sympli Handoff

Invite groups of users to Sympli Handoff with invite links

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This feature is available only for Business and Enterprise subscription users.

Invite Links provide access to the projects to the groups of users with the same role and help manage access to all company projects in one place.

Go to your Company Settings and click on the Invite Links tab. Here you will see the list of your projects. If you click on Enable Link, the link will be created.

When users will use this link, they will be added to the chosen project with the role you selected earlier.

You can disable this link anytime. If you do it, new users will not be able to join the project using this link anymore.

You can change the role for the link. Let’s say you enabled a link for 2 designers, 2 users were added to the project as designers, then you changed the role to the developer, next 3 people will be added as developers. You will see the total amount of people who joined using this link in the Users joined via link column.

If you want to change the role for the user that was added via the invite link, you can do it in the Users tab.

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