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Do you have a self-hosted version to keep my data completely private?
Do you have a self-hosted version to keep my data completely private?

Hosting Sympli when you can’t use a public cloud

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Yes. While our public cloud has strong security to protect our customer’s data, we recognize that this may not meet everyone’s needs.

Private cloud or on-premise installation is available on our Enterprise Plan.

What does the Handoff Enterprise plan have that other paid plans don't?

Handoff Enterprise can be installed on your servers, integrated with your company’s self-hosted Jira (Jira Data Center) and your access security protocols. With enterprise, you can also invite an unlimited number of people to review your Handoff projects, for example, consultants that don’t need a paid seat but need to be able to review and comment. You also get a priority support line.

Why do I need private hosting?

Private hosting is useful if your company or agency has security requirements that do not allow the use of cloud-based tools. It is also helpful if you work with any projects that need to be protected before the launch so you decide to keep them off the cloud-based tools and restrict access to them. We know that these projects, like any other design project, need collaboration tools to save time, reduce communications ping-pong, and be able to benefit from modern design and development operations practices. With our Enterprise plan, you can enjoy all the benefits, keeping the process under your own roof.

To know more about Enterprise - contact us and we can show you a Demo!

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