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How to integrate Sympli Handoff with Jira?

Simple step-by-step integration with Jira Cloud or Jira Software Server

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Jira integration is available during the trial period and on Enterprise, and Business plans. To check if Jira integration is available for your account please open profile page and check if you have the "Jira Integration Settings" panel available. 

If you are on another plan and want to check out Jira integration please request a trial at

Setting up the add-on

Step 1: Install the add-on from Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Software Version or Jira Cloud Version.
Step 2: Go to your Sympli Handoff profile and copy the configuration token from the Jira Integration Settings panel.
Step 3: Open the configuration screen in the Jira add-on and paste the token into the corresponding field.
Step 4: If you use Sympli Handoff for Jira Software Server, at the add-on configuration screen, specify the Jira projects for which the Sympli add-on will be available. If you use Sympli Handoff for Cloud Jira, the Sympli Handoff add-on will be available for all the Jira projects in your Jira account.
Step 5: Allow the user named "Sympli" (this was created during the installation of the add-on) to search for Jira issues by adding the "Sympli" user into the appropriate group(s).

That's it! As a next step, take a look at our Jira add-on tutorial.

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