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My company is paying for an account, why can't I ... ?
My company is paying for an account, why can't I ... ?

I belong to a paid team, why is my free trial about to expire?

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When you create an account in Sympli Handoff you've got the option to upgrade to a Paid Plan—and benefit from its features—or to remain in the Individual Plan (free) after your trial is over.

When your company is paying for an account and invites you as a collaborator, your personal account remains under the same plan you were previously using, but you can also benefit from the company's paid level features in the projects owned by such account.

Collaborators cannot add other collaborators, create new projects, share, archive, unarchive, delete, or transfer ownership of a project. However, the account owner can assign collaborators the Power User role to grant them the ability to manage project settings, as well as to add and delete designs to a project.

If you're interested in having more than one user with an administrative role, take a look at our Business and Enterprise plans

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