There are two ways to create a project in Sympli Versions:

With desktop app

To create a project using the desktop app, click on the “Create New Project” button located at the top right of the window, this screen will pop up:

Here you can configure the project name, storage service (if you have linked your account to a provider like Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or Azure DevOps) and choose if it’s going to be a Personal or Team project. Click on “Create New Project”.

With web app

In the Sympli Versions web app you can create a project by clicking on the blue “New Project” button at the top of the Projects column.

In the next screen you can create your project. You’ll be asked for the project name, description, provider and team.

Click on “Create Project”.

Create team projects

If you have created a team in Sympli Versions, when creating a project from the main page, you can select the team this project is going to belong to:

Click on the Team field.

Select your team from the list of teams and click on "Confirm". Then click on "Create Project".

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