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How To Create and Manage Teams in Sympli Versions
How To Create and Manage Teams in Sympli Versions

Create teams to make collaboration even easier

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You can create Teams in the Sympli Versions web app just as you can do it in Github or Bitbucket. This is super convenient because it will allow you to share a project with multiple people at once. Go to the Teams tab at the top right of the screen:

You’ll see the teams you’ve created in Sympli Versions and the ones with Github or Bitbucket providers. Click on the “New Team” blue button.

You’ll be prompted to fill in some info about the team, like the name, link to join the team, description, and website.

Once you’ve filled in the required fields, click on “Create Team”. Your new team will appear in the Teams tab:

Click on the “Manage” button to be taken to the Team’s page:

Click on the “Invite Team Member” blue button to add people to your team.

Here you can add a team member by email address (they must have an account in Versions), assign their permission level or add them to a pre-created group.

In the Team’s page you can also find:

Groups of users

These allow you to create groups inside a team with different access levels.

Create a new group so all members belonging to it will have the same permission level. Click on “New Group”


You can create a team project, so all team members will have access to it by default

Click on “New Team Project”.

Team's settings

Include options to edit name and description, the link of the team, and the option to delete the team. 

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