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Sympli Versions User Permissions
Sympli Versions User Permissions

Learn about the access level user can have in Versions

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Sympli Versions supports 2 permissions levels: our own Sympli Versions level and Git-provider level.

Versions-level permissions

Versions-level access allows you to manage your team and the subscription in Sympli Versions. When you add any user to your account, these users will see all your projects on the dashboard. But they will have access (browse and push) to those projects, where they have git-level access.

The following table reflects the different Sympli Versions user permission levels.

⭐️ - If you are using Versions git provider, Designer can't create a project, this action will require am Admin role.

* After deleting your project the data will be accessible on the provider side, but won't be available in Sympli Versions.

Git-level permissions

Git-level access allows users to restrict uploading to the project.

The following table reflects the different user permission levels on the git-provider side (only our own provider Versions).

Combining Sympli Versions and git permissions

First, our server checks the Sympli Versions user's role, if the user doesn't have access to a project on Versions-level, they will see "seat request" screen. If the user has Versions access, but they don't have git-access, they will see the "git-request" screen.

The availability of settings/access tabs on the project page depends on the Versions user's role first and then on git-level role.

Example 1: you're the git-owner of project A, but the Versions' owner is someone else. You have a Designer role in that account (it's Versions role). It means that you cannot invite other members to this project or delete the project.

Example 2: Versions-admin has a Reporter role (role in git-provider) in project A. it means they can delete it, but they can't upload anything using the Versions app.

Versions Provider

If you are using Versions git provider you can manage your teammates’ permissions in one place.

Your Workspace works together with an associated GitLab namespace and you’ll notice a checkmark ✅ Global Permission when sharing the project with a new team member. Keep this option checked and this person will get their Versions role mapped to their git role. If you still need the custom access level management, uncheck this mark and you’ll be able to set up git and versions permissions separately. Note that only users with Admin or Owner Versions roles can create projects for better security.

How to update existing user role:

Go to your Workspace/User Management and apply Global Permissions attribute to the users by clicking on the edit icon next to the user's name.

How to set role for the new user:

Go to your Workspace/User Management and click on Add New Users, check the Global Permissions box.

All Sympli Versions permissions are available with "Startup" plan.

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