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How to set up a Team in Sympli Versions
How to set up a Team in Sympli Versions

Create a git team and invite your colleagues

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Teams are created at git level and can only be managed from the web app.

Learn more by watching a tutorial below, or scroll down for a text walkthrough,

To access the Team Manager page, click on the Teams menu at the top right corner.

You'll see a list of the teams you own and you're part of, separated by git provider.

Note: Default git provider is Versions. If you have your account linked to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps, you will only be able to see the teams created through Sympli Versions, not previously existing teams.

Create a new team

To create a new team, select which storage provider you want the team to be created in, and then click the blue "New Team" button.

You'll be prompted to select a name for your team, customize the URL —this is a unique URL and can't be changed, choose carefully!— and —optionally— describe what this team will be used for or who will be part of it. Click the blue "Create team" button to create it. You'll be redirected back to the Teams Management screen.

Invite your colleagues to your team

To invite your colleagues to your newly created team, click on the team name to go to the Members list, and click the blue "Invite Team Member" button.

Input your team member's email, and hit "Enter" to select the email. This is a multi-select field, so you can input several emails and add them to your team in one click. You'll also be prompted to select the user Role and, optionally, the group they'll be part of. Click the blue "Send invite" button.

Note: Users will receive an invite through their email, and they must accept it in order to be able to access the team.

Manage team members

From the Members list, you can see who is part of the team, along with the role they have assigned. Hover over a name to see a "Remove" button to remove them from the team.

Switch to "Invitations" on the left menu to see a list of the colleagues you've invited and haven't accepted the invitation yet. Hover over a name to edit the invitation or cancel it.

To learn more about Sympli Versions users' roles and permissions, check out this guide.

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