What happens when you fork a project?

When you fork a Sympli Versions project, you’re creating a copy of the entire project including the versions and commit history.

Forking is something you’ll typically do once when you start working on the project, if you want to create a new project based on an existing one, or for major experiments. This will create two different, stand-alone projects and you won't be able to merge them back together.

Should I fork it or create a branch?

The answer will depend on your workflow. However, the most common way to work within a team is to use branches. Branches are great to work independently and showing your work to your teammates, but keeping it separate from the main branch until the work is actually ready.

Creating a branch is something you’ll do regularly if you are collaborating with anyone or if you are maintaining multiple releases simultaneously. It’s a way of keeping your work separate from the main branch until it is complete and approved. Branches can be used even if you're working on a project alone. It can be as simple as working on a feature and needing to create a branch to implement a hotfix.

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