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How to install Sympli Versions for Jira
How to install Sympli Versions for Jira
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Note: Currently we only have support for Jira Cloud. Jira Server support is coming later this year for our Enterprise customers. If you need special hosting options, SSO, or have other specific requirements, contact us.

Jira can only be configured by the Sympli Versions workspace subscription owner. This is the person who pays for the subscription and who owns all projects. Learn how to set up your Versions team.

  1. Install the Sympli Versions for Jira add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace.

  2. Go to your Versions profile, choose a workspace that you own and want to configure Jira for, and copy the configuration token from the Jira Settings panel.

  3. Open the configuration screen in the Jira add-on and paste the token into the corresponding field.

Sympli Versions is set up. You are ready to link Versions commits to Jira tickets. Learn how to do it.

Open any Jira issue to see Sympli Versions tab in the Activity section. You'll also see a new Jira user called Sympli Versions. This is a system user and the one that will keep everyone on the loop.

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