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How to link Sympli Versions commits to Jira tickets
How to link Sympli Versions commits to Jira tickets
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Note: If you haven’t installed Sympli Versions for Jira yet, follow these steps to do it first.

Jira is the #1 tool for development teams that need to track issues with minimal stress, allowing them to ship early, and often. Versions for Jira allows users to link commits with Jira issues.

When Jira is correctly configured, you’ll be able to see a Sympli Versions tab in every issue’s Activity section.

To link the commits, you first need to check the issue’s name. This code is composed of the project’s key and a number created consecutively with each new issue. Then, you need to write the name of the issue or issues you want to link in the commit message in Versions.

Versions adapts to your workflow and doesn’t need any particular order to write the commit message, all of these messages would be equally valid:

  • UNI-1 Commit message

  • Commit message to UNI-1 issue

  • UNI-1: Commit message from The Unicorn Project

  • Commit message

When you click the Upload button and your changes get synced, they will also update the Jira issue, giving everyone in your team enough context and quick access to the file preview and history. Within Jira, you’ll see the list of all the commits that have been linked to each issue, with quick links to the Versions web app preview and diff screens.

Pro-tip: You can link as many issues as you need in a single commit, and merging branches can also be tracked

The Versions app will also show a quick link to each issue within the Branches history.

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