It varies by plan. 

  • 1 active project and 3 collaborators with the Individual plan
  • 12 active projects and 12 collaborators with the Startup plan
  • 24 active projects and 30 collaborators with the Business plan
  • Reach out to us if you have any questions about your Enterprise subscription

You can find prices and a detailed comparison for our current plans at pricing page

If you're part of our previous pricing tiers, you can have up to:

  • 3 active projects with the Starter plan,
  • 8 active projects with the Pro plan, 
  • or an unlimited number with the Company plan. 

The previous plans allow you to have an unlimited number of collaborators per project. 

On any paid plan you can archive projects to free space for more or upgrade to a plan with more projects and/or collaborators.

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