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Changing roles for collaborators in Sympli Handoff
Changing roles for collaborators in Sympli Handoff

Permissions for each collaborator's role

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Collaboration is an important part of your team's workflow. Sympli Handoff allows you to share your projects with your teammates to help you achieve this goal.
For example, when you share a project with a teammate in Sympli Handoff, you can select what role to assign them.

By default, we have the Designer role selected for any new collaborator. But... what can a Designer do?

Changing the role of a collaborator

To change a collaborator's role for a project, the Project Owner or a Power User needs to click on the "Share Project" button in the top right corner of the project's page and select the new role from the dropdown menu that appears next to each collaborator's name in the "Share with" tab.

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